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Service -Japan EC Gate-

Japan EC Gate is our sales consignment service for overseas brands and manufacturers to enter the Japanese market smoothly with low risk.


In Japan, there are various EC malls in Japan such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping and Wowma.
We will sell our client's products at all major EC malls in Japan.


You only need to prepare attractive products that you want to try to sell in Japan.
We will keep your products in our warehouse, and we will handle all logistics operations such as ordering, shipping, and complaint handling.


We conduct hearing about your products and ask you to provide us sales materials such as product pictures for EC pages.
It is also possible to shoot products at our company.
After that, our staff will do everything up to the creation of the Japanese page, and we will sell it at each mall.


Clients set a wholesale price and we decide the selling price in Japan Market.
We pay the amount obtained by subtracting the warehouse cost from the monthly sales.
Below is the comparison with Amazon FBA costs and our warehouse costs.


We also have a service to transfer from our warehouse to Amazon FBA.
For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.